‘Rise of Iran’s Willpower’: Leader Reacts to Operation True Promise

IQNA – The Leader of the Islamic Revolution has lauded the recent Iranian armed forces’ operation against the Israeli regime, noting that it proved the rise of the Iranian nation's resolve.
True Promise Operation Iran’s Legitimate Right, Courageous Response to Israel: Lebanese Scholar
IQNA – A Lebanese scholar residing in Sweden described Iran’s recent retaliatory attack on occupied Palestinian territories as the Islamic Republic’s legitimate right.
21:03 , 2024 Apr 22
Syrian Analyst Says Iran’s Anti-Israeli Operation Was A Historic Turning Point  
IQNA – A Syrian political activist said Iran’s missile and drone attack against Israel earlier this month was a historic turning point.
18:16 , 2024 Apr 21
Nationwide Strike in Palestine in Response to Israeli Crimes in Tulkarm, Gaza
IQNA – A nationwide strike is being observed today across Palestine in protest of the massacre carried out by Israeli occupation forces in the Nour Shams refugee camp in Tulkarm, and the ongoing Israeli war on Gaza.
11:01 , 2024 Apr 21
True Promise Operation A 'Source of Pride' for Resistance Axis: Amal Movement
IQNA – A representative of the Lebanese Amal movement described Iran’s recent ant-Israeli operation, dubbed “True Promise” as a source of pride for the axis of resistance.
14:10 , 2024 Apr 21
‘Outraged’ Muslim Americans View Israel Aid Package as Further Betrayal
IQNA – Muslim Americans who have long slammed the President Joe Biden administration for its support for the Israeli regime amid the Gaza genocide, say the new aid package is a “point of no return.”
09:47 , 2024 Apr 21
Situation Normal after 'Suspicious Objects' Trigger Iran’s Air Defenses
IQNA – The sound of explosions have been heard near the central Iranian city of Isfahan and Tabriz in the country's northwest after air defense systems fired at "suspicious objects" early Friday.
10:13 , 2024 Apr 19
Scholar Highlights Quranic Basis of Iran’s Mighty Response to Israel  
IQNA – A Lebanese seminary scholar said that Iran’s Operation True Promise against the Israeli regime was one based on the teachings of the Holy Quran.
18:23 , 2024 Apr 20
Iran’s Anti-Israeli Operation Creates New Deterrence Equation: Analyst  
IQNA – A Lebanese analyst said Iran’s missile and drone attack against the Israeli regime last week changed regional equations and created a new deterrence.
14:47 , 2024 Apr 20
Turkish MP’s Quranic Reaction to Iran’s ‘True Promise’ Operation
IQNA – A Turkish lawmaker lauded Iran for launching a missile and drone operation against the Israeli regime.
10:36 , 2024 Apr 20
'Unjustifiable': Condemnations Pour In after US Veto of Palestine's UN Membership
IQNA – The United States has yet again used its veto power against Palestinians by blocking a bid to give Palestine a full UN membership.
08:47 , 2024 Apr 19
Iran’s ‘Operation True Promise’ against Israel Calculated, Decisive: Lebanese Analyst
IQNA – A Lebanese political analyst described Iran’s response to recent Israeli attack on the Iranian diplomatic mission in Damascus as calculated and decisive.
09:30 , 2024 Apr 18
‘True Promise’ Showed Era of Hit and Run Is Over, Lebanese Analyst Says
IQNA – A Lebanese political analyst said Iran’s recent attack on Israel was a response to the Zionist regime’s acts of aggression not a declaration of war.
12:34 , 2024 Apr 17